Better tech for
the greater good

The inspired technologists at Bitful work collaboratively to transform not only our clients’ businesses, but our surrounding communities, too.

Bitful is a new kind of technology consulting firm: One that puts humans first.

We build future-proof, open, explorable data systems and perform cloud-computing miracles. We profoundly solve app challenges, and engineer game-changing digital products—as well as the organizational structure, vision, design, and delivery necessary to make them the most meaningful they can be.

And we do all of the above to create and fund opportunities for disadvantaged communities who deserve to be every bit as supported, connected, and inspired as we are at Bitful.

A bit of background

We wanted to build better tech for the greater good. That’s why we made Bitful.


We’re expert technologists who wanted something more: An open vision for people and data. Where autonomy and connection happily coexist. Where profits are shared, communities are lifted, and employees are valued for their brilliance… not just their billable hours. Where technology careers are actually worth dreaming about, and every human—no matter their background—has an equal opportunity to realize that dream.

Our Bitful values

We’re humans first. Humans who care about things that matter.

  • With their experience, drive, and relentless curiosity, the multi-talented technologists at Bitful could work anywhere. Lucky for us—and lucky for our clients—they’ve chosen to grace Bitful with their highly developed skill sets, industry leadership, and expectation-shattering innovation.

Closing the opportunity gap

In the technology field and in our world, life factors like race, language, economic status, and family situations unfairly contribute to lower career success rates. At Bitful, we’re not okay with that status quo—not at all—so we donate 10% of our profits to educational efforts and opportunities in our communities, with a focus on tech education.

What makes us Bitful
Our people (a.k.a. Bitsters)
Our community focus

Our people (a.k.a. Bitsters)

What’s a Bitster, you ask? A Bitster (Bit·ster, noun) is one of many highly engaged, super motivated and multi-talented humans employed by Bitful to help create the future of IT consulting and make a positive impact on the communities where they live, work and play.

Our community focus

Traditional tech has kept far too many exceptional people locked outside, looking in. At Bitful, we’re committed to opening up the gates of tech to disadvantaged communities. We donate 10% of our profits to IT career mentorship programs—because everyone deserves access to a career that inspires them.
Once you cross over to the Bitful side, there’s no going back

We believed tech could do better. So we started Bitful.

Many technology consulting career paths offer little to no work/life balance, autonomy, or sense of community. Careers at Bitful are different. We offer:

  • A higher purpose in supporting our communities
    A higher purpose in supporting our communities
  • Fascinating work with the latest technology
    Fascinating work with the latest technology
  • Fully remote consulting with a focus on balance
    Fully remote consulting with a focus on balance
  • Constant growth and leadership opportunities
    Constant growth and leadership opportunities
  • Fast track to profit-sharing eligibility
    Fast track to profit-sharing eligibility

Come do the best work of your career with us. We’re hiring.