We knew tech could do better

So we created a different kind of consultancy—one where talented humans from diverse backgrounds work collaboratively, not competitively, to build better tech for the greater good.

We admire the heck out of our people—and the feeling is mutual.

With their experience, drive, and relentless curiosity, Bitsters could work anywhere. Lucky for us, our all-company profit sharing, meaningful community focus, and flexible, remote working style keep them at Bitful. Here are a few of their stories.

Sean Heinle

Partner, Data Engineering
“Seeing the potential in front of us makes me excited to get started every single day.”

Steven Pankretic

Principal Cloud Architect & VP of Cloud Engineering
“Work/life balance is important to me and Bitful affords me exactly that.”

Ashley Kindsvatter

Principal Consultant, Data Engineering & VP of People Operations and Philanthropy
“I’m fortunate to work alongside true talents in our industry who are enjoyable to be around!”
Greg Hartman

Gregory Hartman

Principal Cloud and Data Engineer & VP of Finance
“I joined Bitful because I was looking for a new opportunity that wasn’t moving to the next corporate IT shop. I wanted to learn new technology skills to continue to advance my career and Bitful checked many boxes on my list!”

Jacob Barr

Principal Architect, Data Engineering
“We have a great group of people and I am excited to continue to grow Bitful!”
Aamir Ali

Aamir Ali

Senior Consultant
“There are a lot of things that I like about Bitful, but my favorite are the people here… Always eager to help!”
Greg Hartman
Aamir Ali
People and culture

Supported. Connected. Inspired.

To build better tech for the greater good, people need—and deserve—to know that they’re part of something bigger. That’s why we ensure Bitsters always feel supported, connected, and inspired to make the biggest impact.



We believe that given the right resources and a clear runway, humans can exceed all expectations—including their own. That’s why Bitsters are supported to reach their full potential as professionals and as people, with the technology, opportunities, and salary plus profit-sharing they deserve.


Bitsters are proof that autonomy and community can happily coexist. Trusted to create their own remote work environments, Bitsters are connected not just to clients, each other, and the tech community; but to their own loved ones, with ample free time to be fully present for work and life.


Every day, Bitsters bring ideas that stir their wildest imaginations to the table, and serve them fresh to innovation-hungry clients who can’t help but be stirred in kind. That’s how we change tech—and how we change lives.
People and culture
I knew I wanted to continue to help others learn, develop, and grow while creating a company and environment where people felt safe to be themselves, and were supported in their careers so they could thrive professionally and personally.
– Ashley Kindsvatter, Principal Consultant, Data Engineering & VP of People Operations and Philanthropy

Where autonomy meets collective success

Tech equity isn’t just something we talk about: It’s woven into our very existence. We grant every Bitster the opportunity to benefit from our company’s success, with a profit-sharing model that rewards all of us, and a flatter hierarchy that recognizes everyone’s inherent worth.

We’re real humans here

Bitful’s culture in a nutshell

We’re expert technologists who wanted something more: An open vision for people and data where employees are valued for their unique brilliance… not just their billable hours.

People and culture
  • We’re a tight-knit group of collaborators, not rivals.
  • We champion curiosity, and create space to work and play.
  • Life takes priority over work. We encourage you to live yours.

Come do the best work of your career with us. We’re hiring.